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Welcome to Burke Industries. We hope that exploring our listing you get a look inside our company. We are proud of our 60 year history as a manufacturer of high-quality, resilient materials and products.

Burke Flooring provides architects and designers a wide range of resilient flooring products in an array of color coordinated patterns and textures that together create a safe, attractive and functional environment. Our products are designed oriented with a focus on the end users needs, their preferences for function in a specific environment, the materials they prefer and the aesthetics that they demand.We invite you to explore our broad selection of tile, stair products; wall base and transition strips featuring our Burke, mercer and Endure brands now available in our color coordinated Uni- color System

Burke's Environmental Products Roofing Division provides that serve as environmental barriers to protect very sensitive and/or valuable assets. Our diverse membranes applications (i) single-ply commercial roofing system, (ii) protective pond liners and floating covers; and (iii) specialty insulation wrapping applications are remarkably resistant to ultra violent, abrasion , tearing, chemicals, fire, and extreme weather. 
From torrential rains and hurricanes in the Caribbean to blizzards and the coldest conditions miles north of the artic circle  in PT. Barrow Alaska, our membranes have withstood the harshest of conditions. 
Burke's Custom Process Division designs and compounds highly technical, resilient rubber material to meet an eclectic array of individual customer needs. Our strong reputation and history of delivering highly inconsistent customized rubber products has compel U.S military and aerospace leaders as well as numerous diversified industrial companies to choose Burke for their most important and sensitive projects. End use applications for Burke's compounded and converted materials include rocket motor insulation, sonar domes, vibration damping tile, ballistic tile, automotive seals and fabric-reinforced calendered sheets.
Burke's sophisticated laboratory and technical staff ensure that practically any customer need can be met with a high-quality customized solution.


2250 S. Tenth Street
San Jose, California 95112
United States of America

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