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Cell-Crete Corporation has been installing Light Weight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Roof Systems since 1970. Once installed, the LWIC will last the life of the building. This unique system includes low density concrete (less than 50 pcf dry density) encapsulating specially designed expanded polystyrene board (EPS). This partnership creates positive slope and required R-Values protected for the life of the roof. LWIC is approved by both Factor Mutual (FM) and Underwriting Laboratory (UL), with multiple designs for Fire and Wind Uplift ratings.
Building owners will never have to replace their roof insulation again and building occupants will enjoy the comforts of the construction industry’s most progressive roof underlayment system.  The big shopping mall, movie theaters, hospitals, Vegas casinos, hotels and resorts built in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s using LWIC have all been re-roofed more once as per their maintenance schedule without any added costs of removing the LWIC. No need to send all the demolished insulation board to the already full landfills and create a larger carbon footprint from waste trucking. 
It is an Eco friendly product.Cell-Crete Corporation is the largest installer of LWIC in the western United States. With the approval of major suppliers like Elastizell and Siplast, we are able to provide the most professional product line in the industry.
In addition, our support staff can provide help from the conceptual to design build. We will work with the architects, engineers and contractors in building the most advanced roofing system in the construction field today. As 99% of LWIC is made with cement, eps board and water, which contains recycled material and it last the life of the building:
 "LWIC is not only Green, it is EVER-GREEN
We know it is important for you the customer to have confidence in your subcontractor’s. In today’s design build market place; we have built our reputation on reliability and on being first in our field for workmanship.

We are the Western United States leader in poured cellular concrete underlayment and are licensed in the state of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming.

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