JobNimbus: Simple Roofing Software


JobNimbus is roofing software made easy, empowering you to manage your sales pipeline and your production process like never before.

  • Capture Job Photos in the field
  • Get Aerial Measurements
  • Prepare Estimates on the go
  • Capture Leads at the door
  • Management Appointments & to-do’s
  • Track Jobs using a digital whiteboard
  • Create Reports for everything
  • Assign Work Orders to your team or subs
  • Manage Your Team’s schedule
  • Submit Purchase Orders to suppliers

Visualize your sales and production pipelines with interactive digital whiteboards, all customized to your workflow and process. You’ll always know exactly where every lead or job is at, which ones need your attention, and what you need to do to move them towards completion. Drag-and-drop cards between lists to move them to the next status.

Share calendars with everyone on your team, and with your subcontractors, so you know who’s assigned, where you have openings, and what’s coming up for tomorrow. You can choose who and what you want to see and easily schedule your team for success.

You can create jobs, assign work orders, send material orders to your suppliers, set tasks for appointments or to-do’s, send emails to your team and customers, keep insurance adjusters in the loop, and automate it all while you’re at it to make sure nothing slips through the cracks and you’re not having to do all the footwork to make it happen.

The most beautiful thing is that all of this can be done from the office or out in the field thanks to JobNimbus’s industry-best mobile app for iOS and Android, letting you not only have access to all your customer and job folders in the field, but also when you’re offline. You can upload photos, add notes, even create contracts and get them signed right from the mobile app even when you have no internet access and JobNimbus will sync it up once you get reconnected.

In JobNimbus, if you like your process you can keep your process. You’ve spent years perfecting it, or it’s just the way your brain works, or the way you can get your sales guys to do their best. With JobNimbus’ customizable workflows, you don’t want to change that; instead you’ll just enhance that process and make it digital, accessible, and more efficient than ever.

And, best of all, JobNimbus is roofing software that doesn’t feel like software, meaning it’s really simple for everyone on your team to set up and learn in a matter of hours, rather than days, weeks, or even months.

JobNimbus is $25 per user per month. No setup fees or starting costs. No cancellation fees or support fees. No contracts so you pay for the guys you need, not the whole team during off season, and you get one heck of a tool for the cheapest price around.

Start your free 14-day, all-access trial to see for yourself.

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