Industry Leader in Metal Roofing Attachments.

Metal architecture is showing up in inspiring ways, that allows us to expand our thinking on how to utilize and maximize its potential. Because metal is such a versatile, robust material to work with, it’s no wonder that we see it stabilizing itself as a standard in the industry. That’s where S-5! comes in: We stay on top of the trends in the metal industry to provide the right products to fit virtually any metal roof profile. We have developed clamps and brackets to support solar and utility installations, along with a top-of-the-line snow retention system, also known as snow guard systems, to support and protect your metal roof investment.

S-5! Fosters a Culture of Innovation

We support continued research, development, and testing of our offerings to assure quality end-products for metal roofs. We also provide our expertise in the metal construction industry, and we educate our clients to preserve safety and security when attaching almost anything to a metal roof. Always manufactured in the U.S.A., we oversee every aspect of production for unequaled quality assurance at the best price.


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Colorado Springs, Colorado 80908
United States of America

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