Titanium / Rhino Roof


Titanium® and RhinoRoof® are the leading brands of synthetic underlayment for use under sloped roofing. Our range of roofing underlayments offer up to six months UV exposure, superior walkability, ice damming protection and much more. All Titanium products offer the Sure-Foot® slip resistant walking surface. This is a patented nodular walking surface that unlike smooth surfaced products allows for superior steep slope walkability, even in wet weather conditions. All Titanium® UDL's are made from 100% recyclable polyolefin. They do not expand or contract, they lay flat without buckling and are completely inert to mold growth. All Titanium® UDL products are backed by a Limited LifeTime Warranty.

RhinoRoof® U20 is a value priced performance brand felt replacement. RhinoRoof's has a durable and high strength design along with its fiber grip walking surface provides a considerable improvement over asphalt saturated felt.


1818-1177 West Hasting Street
British Columbia

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